Best Jerkbaits for Bass Fishing

How to Fish with a Jerkbait 

Although jerkbait fishing requires more skill and effort than with other baits, they can be one of the most exciting and effective lures for catching monster fish. In simple terms, jerkbait angling is all about the twitch and pause

But first, you’ll need a durable lightweight fishing rod and reel paired with a 10 lb. to 20 lb. fluorocarbon or monofilament line. Most experienced anglers opt for a 6’ to 7’ bait caster when using hardbody jerkbaits, while a 6’ spinning rod works best with soft jerkbaits. 

In general, shorter rods- like a 6 1/2’ medium or medium heavy option from the Bulldawg Rods Trophy Series- are preferable when using a jerkbait fishing technique. And although you’ll be sacrificing a little casting distance, you’ll have more control over the rod- giving you lots of energy to stay out all day on the water!

When fishing any jerkbait the retrieve cadence should be twitch, twitch, pause. During the pause, reel in the slack and watch for a strike. Vary your pause interval until you’ve had a chance to see what’s working on a given day. 

Adjust your cadence for water temperature using either a slow, steady action or a quick action. A slow action works best fishing in cooler water, while a quick action is ideal for fishing in warm, tropical waters when most species are active.