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A breakthrough in jerkbait technology, the MD Series is a jerkbait designed to fish deep. The “MD” stands for “Medium Diver”, and is a sister to the popular XRM series of neutrally buoyant jerkbaits.

Designed with the same weight transfer system as the XRM series, the XRM-MDs cast long and straight and generate violent strikes thanks to its flash, wiggle, distinctive side-to-side movement, and predator-enticing rattle.

You’ll cover a lot of water and have a ton of fun in the process. When retrieved at rest, the XRM-MDs are neutrally buoyant, perfectly mimicking a dying shad.

The XRM-MD series comes with razor-sharp Kitana treble hooks and is an excellent choice for fishing bass, black bass, Zander, sea bass, trout fishing, and more.

The XRM-65MD is 65mm long and dives 2-5 feet.
The XRM-80MD is 80mm long and dives 5-8 feet.
The XRM-100MD is 100mm long and dives 8-10 feet.

About the XRM-MD Series

  • Dives deep, up to 10 feet
  • Neutrally buoyant when at rest
  • Unique rattle and side-to-side movement
  • Comes with chemically sharpened Kitana treble hooks out of the box

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