Freshwater Fishing Lures from Brands You Can Trust

A freshwater lure is any type of artificial bait that’s used for fishing in lakes, marshes, rivers, ponds, streams or any other freshwater habitat. Freshwater lures are great for catching bass, although you’ll also find baits designed for crappie, walleye, perch, Northern Pike and musky. 

Freshwater fishing lures come in various sizes, shapes and colors. There are also hardbody, soft body and specialty freshwater lures. Choosing the right one depends on the fishing conditions, time of year and species that you’re after. 

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The Different Types of Freshwater Lures

These are the different types of freshwater fishing lures:


Jigs are popular freshwater lures that are manufactured with a weighted metal or plastic head and sharp hook. Some jigs even have a tail that’s made from soft plastic, rubber, animal hair or feathers. An angler then attaches an artificial softbait, live minnow or other bait to the jig’s hook. When fished correctly, a jighead can be used to catch most any type of freshwater species. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Jigs 


Spoons are metal lures designed to mimic the swimming action of baitfish or minnows. There are spoons for trolling, casting, topwater fishing or jigging- each of which delivers a different action in the water. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Spoons 


A spinnerbait has one or more blades that revolve around a straight wire shaft so that the bait 

flashes and vibrates in the water- attracting the attention or hungry fish. Ideal for fishing in open water, some spinnerbaits have tails made from animal hair or soft plastic. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Spinnerbaits


Available in both soft body and hardbody versions, swimbaits are plastic lures with lifelike color patterns that mimic baitfish, worms, crustaceans and even small rodents by producing a side-to-side swimming action in the water. There are paddle tail swimbaits that create even more movement, and it’s common for anglers to combine a soft swimbait with an umbrella rig, jighead or other lure. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Soft Swimbaits

Our Most Popular Freshwater Hard Swimbaits 


Deadly for species that feed on frogs near the surface, like bass and trout, poppers are hard plastic plugs with a flat or concave face that pop, splash and chug in the water when retrieved. Poppers are highly accurate to cast, making them a perfect freshwater lure for shoreline or target fishing. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Poppers 


Designed to mimic dying baitfish on the surface, stickbaits are slender topwater lures that are meant to be fished using a “walk-the-dog” retrieve. A stickbait lure is notably effective in the fall once baitfish have formed large schools that hungry predators are chasing after. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Stickbaits


Available in hardbody or soft body styles, jerkbaits are minnow-shaped lures that deliver a 

horizontal presentation in the water. Some jerkbait lures glide from side-to-side during the retrieve, while others move in a dive-and-rise pattern. Designed to create a lot of flash, wiggle and rattle when reeled in, jerkbaits are available in floating, sinking or suspending models. 

Our Most Popular Freshwater Jerkbaits


A crankbait is a minnow-like hard plastic lure that’s designed to swim under the surface. Most crankbait lures have a plastic lip so that they’ll dive deeper in the water, although there are lipless crankbaits too. All are realistically colored and shaped to mimic small baitfish that species like bass and Northern Pike prey upon.  

Our Most Popular Freshwater Crankbaits


These topwater lures are great for surface fishing. Most buzzbaits feature a propeller blade on one piece of wire, along with a weighted body, skirt and hook on the other side. Buzzbaits are great for shallow water fishing as they turn up the water and create a “buzzing” action that hungry bass can’t resist!

Our Most Popular Freshwater Buzzbaits

Frog Lures

Frog lures are realistically designed to attract the attention of gamefish by moving across the water’s surface just like a live frog. There are popping topwater frog lures (poppers), “walk-the-dog” style frogs and hollow-body styles available depending upon the conditions and angler preference.  

Our Most Popular Freshwater Frogs