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Flutter Magic Spoon



Flutter Magic SpoonThe Castaic Flutter Magic Spoon is a traditionally-shaped casting spoon that is irresistible for bass and other predatory fish. Cast it and let it flutter down to the desired depth, then reel or rip, pause and rip again.

This bait imitates a dying shad and other small bait fish. Most bass will slam this bait hard, but if your line goes slack, set the hook! It’s small size targets a wide array of fish that larger spoons may struggle to attract. At just 2.25″ (3″ including the hook), the Flutter Magic is a small, bite-size lure for any predator.

The performance of the Flutter Magic Spoon shines when you let it slowly fall and jerk it, perfectly mimicking a dying shad. You’ll get more time in the water, more fish in the boat, and less time spent untangling gear.

The Flutter Magic features a razor-sharp black nickel Kitana hook.

About the Flutter Magic Spoon

  • 2.25″ inches long (3″ including hook)
  • weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Gold and silver metals
  • Features a black nickel Kitana hook

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Gold, Silver


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