Chunky Shad

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At 4″ long, the Reaction Strike Chunky Shad offers versatility in the where and how you choose to cast it.

No matter how it’s fished, the beefed-up paddle tail of the Chunky Shad creates a distinct swimming action that fish find irresistible. The body of the Chunky Shad features dozens of ribs designed to move water out and back. As the water flows back, it meets the chunky, fat paddle tail that echoes with a deep thump in the water.

The Chunky Shad is ideal for fishing with spinnerbaits, jigheads, vibrating jigs, wobble-style jigs, umbrella rigs, swim jigs, and more.

Plus, we infuse the Chunky Shad with a mixture of salt and double shad scent that puts predators on the chase. With its distinctive look, smell, sound, and texture, the Chunky Shad lures in the big fish and predators with four senses. It’s perfect for ripping through a school of bass, by redfish, walleye, and more and savage when hooked.

Choose from 10 ultra-realistic colors that in clear water you’d think was a real baitfish.

The Chunky Shad comes in a pack of six.

  • Double shad scented and salt-infused
  • 10 lifelike colors
  • Works great with umbrella rigs and jigheads
  • Ribbed body displaces water
  • Oversized paddle tail
  • Great for bass, walleye, redfish, and more
  • 4″ long

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4" (6 Pack)

2 reviews for Chunky Shad

  1. Brad Henderson

    Chunky Shad will attract big bass and crappie. Great action.

  2. Mike Stridde

    This is one of my go to baits on the back of swim jigs as my primary trailer used when throwing them. I use this also with scrounger style jigs. This also works great on vibrating jigs as well. The action the tail has is awesome and I believe the size is perfect for these applications. My favorite colors are bluegill flash and silver shiner in these situations.

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