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Topwater Lures from Reaction Strike and Castaic

For many anglers topwaters are the most exciting way to catch fish. A topwater lure stays near the water surface until an aggressive fish takes it from underneath- unleashing an instant fury of adrenaline-pumping activity as you tail walk your snared prey towards the boat. 

Contrary to what you may have heard, topwater lures aren’t just effective in low-light conditions, nor do they lose a lot of fish. When rigged correctly, topwaters can be high percentage lures when fished in various water conditions. 

There are freshwater or saltwater topwater lures that work well for species like bass, Northern Pike, Zander, trout and redfish. Topwaters come in various shapes, sizes and colors that realistically mimic struggling baitfish, rodents, frogs and bugs on the surface.  

When fished using the right techniques, topwater lures from angler-trusted brands like Reaction Strike and Castaic will put big fish in your boat all year long!

Types of Topwater Lures

These are the main types of topwater lures: 


A buzzbait is similar-to a spinnerbait, except for the fact that it has a triangular-shaped blade that makes it lift and sputter on the surface. Buzzbaits are relatively weedless lures, which means they can be fished in heavy cover near grass and Lily Pads, along the sides of shallow docks and laydowns, and even over thick vegetation. To fish a buzzbait simply cast it out and wind it in quickly so the bait stays on the surface. 

Our Most Popular Buzzbaits:


As a great bait for target or shoreline fishing, poppers are hard plastic or wood plugs with a flat or concave face. When quickly jerked during the retrieve, they pop, splash and chug, which imitates struggling prey on the surface. Very accurate to cast, poppers are perfect for fishing near laydowns, docks and rocks from post-spawn through the fall. When using a popper simply cast it out and then jerk your rod tip down in short, jerking motions that cause the bait to “pop”. If that doesn’t work at first, vary your cadence until you start getting bites.

Our Most Popular Poppers

Floating Jerkbaits

Floating Jerkbaits are long, slender lures with hard bodies that deliver a horizontal presentation in the water. Although a jerkbait usually works best when water temperatures are cooler, they can be high performers any time of year when fished correctly. Since a hardbody jerkbait is all about the flash, wiggle and rattle it delivers in the water, using the right “twitch and pause” cadence produced by your rod tip is more important than how you reel in your line.  

Our Most Popular Freshwater Jerkbaits

Our Most Popular Saltwater Jerkbaits

Best Times to Fish Topwater Lures

Although topwater lures can be used most anytime of year, they will put more monster fish in your live well when fished in these conditions:

  • Warmer water. When the water temps are warm fish tend to cling to the surface, which means it’s time to pull the floating baits out of your tackle box. 
  • Calm water. A popper or buzzbait will create just enough surface noise to convince curious bass or Northern to strike. 
  • Schooling. Bass tend to be social fish that flock together near the surface. Since a topwater covers a lot of area you don’t have to worry about the bait being in one place for too long.