Jerky J 5″

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The Castaic Jerky J perfects lifelike swimming action with no added weights adds to the realism. A staple in fishing tackle boxes worldwide.




Castaic Jerky J Swim Series

A go-to favorite of the Bass Dr., Jason Lambert, Jerky J’s are the super soft jerk baits that dart, jump and glide like no other! The Giant Jerky J model won Jason’s 2016, 2017, and 2018 FLW win at Kentucky Lake, helping him best his own personal record year-over-year.

A soft body with no added weight adds to the realism and perfects the lifelike swimming action.

A thick mid-section, thin tail, and dorsal fin give this soft swimbait a wild veering motion when twitched.

Pair it with the Jerky J Jigheads and ensure a perfect fit and hook-up every time. Use a light line with plenty of slack on the pause between twitches. You’ll get the most strikes in this brief pause.

A versatile bait, the Jerky J lets you experiment with other retrieve techniques in any body of water.

When it comes to realism and action, nothing touches a Jerky J.

  • Available in a 3.5″ baby version, 5″ version, and Giant 7″ version
  • Comes in a pack of 10 (baby version), 8 (5″ version), or 3 (giant version)
  • Protruding dorsal fin
  • Versatile bait for many retrieve techniques – weightless, Texas or Carolina rigged, as a trailer, drop shot, Kitana Scrounger Jig, etc.

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Albino, Ayu, Baby Bass, Black Blue, Blue Shad, Blueback Herring, Bluegill, Bluegill Flash, Boneless Chicken, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Black, Chartreuse Green, Electric Chicken, Ghost Blue Gizzard, Gizzard Shad Blue, Gizzard Shad Green, Gold Motoroil, Golden Shiner, Green Pumpkin, Green Shad, June Bug, Kentucky Shad, Mardi Gras, Opening Night, Pearl Black, Rainbow, Rainbow Flash, Salt & Pepper, Sardine, Sexy Blue, Sexy FB, Silver Green, Silver Shiner, Smoke Pepper, Tenn River Special, Tenn Shad, Watermelon Pepper, Watermelon Red

6 reviews for Jerky J 5″

  1. Chuck Stratton (verified owner)

    Ordered what I needed and 2 days later its in my mailbox. Great bunch of guys and great product. As a pro fisherman you have to have a advantage and I know I have a edge over the competition when I have these baits in my boat. Great Company and Great Product. Highly recommend these guys.

  2. aaron taylor

    aaron taylor (verified owner)

    What can I say about a Jerky J, these things flat out catch fish and are supper versatile! These lifelike baits have an unbelievable action. Whether you rig it weedless like a fluke, use it as a trailer on a vibrating jig, on a Carolina rig, a drop shot, or a deadly scrounger head fish just devour these! So definitely grab yourself some Jerky J’s, you’ll thank me later.

  3. rjp996tt


    Great product and Great Service!!!!! Fantastic quality will order again !!!

  4. Richard Fox


    7” in various colors are absolute ling cod killers. 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 are phenomenal on black and red snapper. These are now the only swim baits we carry on our boat.

  5. William Good

    william.good (verified owner)

    Awesome! Post-spawn bass love it! The Giant Jurky J looks natural and fish hammer it. The best swim bait I have ever used, period. The 7″ Blue Shad is killer during the shad spawn. Used a 6/0 hook with a small silver willow blade underneath and dipped less than an inch of the tail in chartreuse dip-and-glow. This not only delivers, but holds up attack after attack.

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