Trophy Fish Hunter podcast and Amazon Prime Video available now

After a successful 2019 season with new guest hosts and professional fishermen, Trophy Fish Hunter is now available through your favorite podcast app and Amazon Prime Video.

Jay Madden, co-host of the Trophy Fish Hunter notes, “When we started Trophy Fish Hunter, we wanted something that was a little more ‘back country road’ style. For anyone interested in a focused, true-to-life fishing experience, this is it.”

“We had some really great experiences this year. For one, we saw a shark while fishing for redfish and trout in Tampa Bay. We were throwing Mullet Jr.’s and decided to see if it’d like one. It did, we caught it, and released it back into the water. We didn’t even need a bigger boat!”

“Trophy Fish Hunter is the only fishing show dedicated to traveling to some of the world’s most remote and unique locations in search of rare, aggressive, and true trophy fish,” says co-host Scott Head.

A new Trophy Fish Hunter podcast is available to subscribe to via Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Trophy Fish Hunter and the past three seasons of episodes will continue to be available on YouTube, too.

Further expanding viewing options, Amazon Prime Video is streaming Trophy Fish Hunter today, and available to stream free for Prime subscribers.

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