Kitana Ned Rig Hook

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Castaic Ned Rig #3/0 1/16oz 6 Pack

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Hook Type

Round Bend Worm Hook, Standard Hook, Heavy Duty Hook, Offset Wide Gap Hook, Round Bend Treble Hook, Drop Shot Hook, Wacky Worm Hook, Ned Rig Hook, Neko Welded Hook, Offset Wide Gap Hook, Screw Lock Hooks

Hook Size

1/0 (10 ct), 1/0 (6 ct), 2/0 (10 ct), 2/0 (6 ct), 3/0 (10 ct), 3/0-1/16 (6 ct), 3/0-1/8 (6 ct), 4/0 (3 ct), 4/0 (10 ct), 5/0 (10 ct), 6/0 (10 ct), 1 (10 ct), 1 (6 ct), 2 (10 ct), 2 (6 ct), 4 (10 ct), 6 (10 ct), 1/4oz 4/0 (3ct), 1/4oz 5/0 (3ct), 1/8oz 4/0 (3ct), 1/8oz 5/0 (3ct), 1/2oz 6/0, 1/2oz 7/0

10 reviews for Kitana Ned Rig Hook

  1. Joshua E Birtchet (verified owner)

    Best hooks around hands down. Land more fish with kitanahooks.

  2. Tony DeFelice (verified owner)

    These are the best Neko hooks I have found. I caught hundreds of fish using these last summer and these hooks seem flawless. I’ve used Trokar and others, and they’re fine. But the Kitana stands above all of the competitors. I highly recommend these.

  3. Chad Hill (verified owner)

    Kitana hooks are durable and tough. They are sticky-sharp and stay that way! The provide a solid connection to the fish each time an angler sets the hook. And, each time you unhook a fish from a Kitana Hook, you’ll here that signature little “pop”.

  4. aaron taylor

    aaron taylor (verified owner)

    I can say without a doubt Kitana hooks are some of the sharpest if not the sharpest hooks on the market! If a fish bites your bait rigged with a Kitana hook, it is on there. Since I started using Kitana I have had a better hook up ratio and loose a whole lot less fish because of the amazing penetration you get with these hooks. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Paul Davis (verified owner)

    Kitana Hooks always get the job done. Kitano Hooks are always sharp when I receive them and stay sharper longer there competitors. I been teaching my son to worm fish and with the kitana hooks being so sharp he doesnt have a problem setting the hook and getting a good hook set. I Love these hooks and will always have them in my boat!

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