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Castaic Boot Tail


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Tail based swimming action comes alive with the Castaic Boot Tail.  The Boot Tail is a soft body lure.  Its perfectly-weighted body makes it easy to fish. Just cast or troll it, move it fast or slow.

Field and Stream named the SBT “One of the 50 greatest lures of all time” in 2006. In it, they wrote:

It’s worth getting one of these big, soft-plastic swimbaits just to watch it swim on the end of your line. The lifelike action is mind-boggling. It’s named after the Southern California reservoir where monster largemouth get that way by gorging on hatchery rainbow trout.

They’ll gorge on this lure, too, and not just in California. Let it get down to the edges and drop-offs where trout and bass intersect. Crank, twitch, and hang on for dear life.

The textured scale and details of the bait move beyond aesthetics. The raised gill plate and fin, bulging eye, and thumping tail add to the realism.

The bottom of the Boot Tail features an extra eye for additional hooks.

The Castaic Boot Tail is available in 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ sizes.

  • Optimally placed eye promotes perfect swimming motion
  • Soft Body
  • Textured scale and tail detail
  • Ultra-realistic paint job
  • Raised gill plate and fin for added realism
  • Lifelike bulging eye
  • Extra eye for additional hooks
  • Boot tail design
  • Four sizes and a variety of colors

Boot Tail Features Diagram

Additional information

Dimensions 10 cm

Ayu, Baby Bass, Black Orange, Bluegill, Blue Shad, Carp, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Pepper, Cisco, Firetiger, Ghost Ayu, Ghost Blue Shad, Ghost Rainbow, Glitter, Glitter Hasu, Golden Shiner, Green Shad, Lemon Shad, Mad Shad, Northern Pike, Pearl White, Perch, Pike, Pumpkinseed, Rainbow, Red Shad, Red Tail Chub, Spicy Perch, Watermelon, Yellow Perch, Sardine


Fast Sinking, Slow Sinking


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