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Designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing

Reaction Strike saltwater baits are built with incredible finishes and quality corrosion-resistant hardware.
Watch the water boil with monster Reaction Strikes.

Mullet Jr
The Mullet Jr. takes soft plastics to a new level. The tiny paddle tail on this bait will thump at slow speeds and really drives the big ones crazy. At high speeds, the bait has an ultra-high-frequency thump!
Flats Lok Jighead
FLATS LOK Jigheads are the perfect choice for any saltwater soft plastics and were specifically designed to work with the Reaction Strike Jr. Series of lures such as Mullet, Jr’s, Jerk, Jr’s, Split Tail, Jr’s, and all Diet Series baits.

Saltwater Fishing Baits from Reaction Strike and Castaic

Fishing in saltwater habitats like oceans and seas requires special corrosion-resistant gear. Saltwater angling can be done off a pier, while on a boat in open water, or even from shore (surf fishing). Common saltwater fishing techniques include trolling, drifting or bottom jigging. 

Some of the most sought-after saltwater species are black bass, Zander, sea bass, trout and barracuda. Just like fishing in freshwater, the adrenaline rush when you hook a monster gamefish is what it’s all about!

If you’re looking for saltwater fishing lures that deliver maximum performance and durability, place your trust in the brands like Reaction Strike and Castaic.

Choosing the Right Saltwater Fishing Gear  

Before selecting the bait for your next saltwater excursion you’ll need to invest in the right fishing gear. Because your prey will be feistier and more robust, go with a heavy-duty bait-casting rod paired with a thicker, high-test line and stainless-steel reel. 

First, find a graphite rod with a high strength-to-weight ratio. A rod with a slow tip works well with swimbaits, jerkbaits and crankbaits, while a rod with a fast tip is better for fishing with live bait. Surf fishing rods typically have a longer handle that makes casting further from shore easier. 

No matter which bait or technique you decide to use, the Bulldawg Rods Predator Series has the saltwater fishing rods you need.  

Types of Saltwater Fishing Lures

Whether you’re trolling on the open water or fishing from shore, these are the different types of saltwater lures: 

Weighted jigs 

As the most popular type of artificial saltwater lures, weighted jigheads can be bounced across the bottom or cast out and worked back. The more streamlined a jighead is, the faster it will sink in the water column. Using a weighted jig paired with a saltwater soft plastic like the Castaic Jerk Jr. or RS Mullet Jr. will put more monster fish in your boat. 

Our most popular saltwater jigs 


Popping plugs, or “poppers”, are topwater baits that splash and chug across the surface, inducing reaction strikes from hungry predators. Poppers work best at dawn or dusk when most big gamefish are foraging. To fish a popper, use a steady retrieve while jerking the rod tip slightly. Torpedo-shaped saltwater poppers are designed to be used with a “walk-the-dog” technique. 

Our most popular saltwater poppers


Soft plastic lures, or “softbaits”, come in various colors, shapes and sizes that mimic baitfish, crustaceans and other prey that large predators like to feast on. Brighter colors work best on sunny days, while darker colors present a better silhouette when the sky is dark or overcast. A soft swimbait can be paired with a weighted jig to dive deeper in the water column or rigged on a razor-sharp Kitana hook without any weight to sink slowly or shoot across the surface. 

Our most popular saltwater soft plastics 


Great for species like Zander, black bass and sea bass, jerkbaits are hard, minnow-shaped lures that deliver a horizontal presentation in the water. To induce reaction strikes, a jerkbait relies on the twitching action produced by the angler’s fishing rod. Some jerkbaits glide side-to-side during the retrieve, while others move in a dive-and-rise pattern. 

Our most popular saltwater jerkbaits


Great for surf fishing, a crankbait is a hardbody lure that dives underwater and stays submerged while you’re reeling it in. You can even twitch a crankbait, bounce it off rocks and debris, or use it to mimic a panicked baitfish. Based on the conditions, technique and species that you’re after there are also lipless crankbaits and rattling crankbaits. 

Our most popular saltwater crankbaits