Ned Rig : The Perfect Way to Catch Monster Bass

Build the Perfect Ned Rig

Introducing a worm style bait that is made of durable, stretchy and buoyant soft plastic.  Perfect for for tons of applications from Ned rigs, drop shots, wacky rigs and a bunch more.  The new design has deep ribs and a small tail which produces amazing action and water movement.

When we say it’s effective, we mean it! The CBT Finesse Worm will load your boat with whatever you’re targeting…largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass just to name a few.

This bait can zoom around in the water, with unmatched color accuracy and lifelike form. Rig the CBT Finesse Worm with the Kitana Ned Rig hook, or in a variety of other ways including wacky style on a small hook. Shakey or finesse jig heads are also great choices.

With sizes ranging from 3 to 10 inches long, this worm provides subtle action. But it drives bass wild anywhere they swim with it’s natural movements and smooth rising-and-falling form.

  • When used with the Castaic Ned Rig head, this bait stands up in the water, attracting more bites!
  • When used with the Castaic Ned Rig head, this bait stands up in the water, attracting more bites!
  • This bait works extremely well in colder water temps and when the fish are finicky, wanting a smaller bait!
  • Quantities vary depending on the size chosen.Quantities vary depending on the size chosen.

Here’s How To Fish It

  • Tie a small mushroom jig head onto the end of your line. The Kitana Ned Rig hook below is perfect.
  • Cast out your rig and let it sink to the bottom.
  • Slowly reel in the bait, keeping it just off the bottom and twitching it occasionally to give it some action.
  • Pay close attention to your line for any twitches or jumps, which could indicate a bite.
  • If you feel a bite, reel in any slack and set the hook with a quick upward motion of your rod.
  • The Ned Rig work best when fished with light or ultralight tackle and a sensitive rod that allows you to detect even subtle bites.

Ned Rig Hooks with CBT Worms

You can also fish the Castaic Baby Jerky J on your Ned Rig

Tie a Ned Rig with a small jig head (1/16 or 1/8 oz) and thread the Castaic Baby Jerky J onto the jig. Cast the rig out and let it sink to the bottom. Slowly hop the jig along the bottom, using short, gentle rod movements to make the Baby Jerky J bounce and move in a natural manner. Pay close attention to any bites or subtle changes in the line, as bass often hit the bait on the fall.

More tips to improve your chances with the Ned Rig

  • Vary your retrieve: Experiment with different retrieve speeds and techniques to find what the fish are responding to on a given day. Sometimes a slow and steady retrieve will work, while other times a more erratic retrieve may trigger a strike.
  • Pay attention to the depth: Bass will often school at specific depths depending on the time of year and water temperature. Try to match the depth of your rig to where the fish are holding.
  • Use light line: Lighter line (6-8lb test) will help your bait move more naturally in the water and make it less visible to the fish.
  • Match the hatch: Pay attention to the size and color of the baitfish in the area you are fishing and try to match your lure accordingly. The Castaic Baby Jerky J comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so be sure to choose one that closely resembles the local baitfish.
  • Be patient: Fishing with finesse rigs like the drop shot and Ned Rig can take some time to get used to, but they can be very effective for catching bass. Be patient, pay attention to what the fish are telling you, and keep experimenting until you find what works.