5 bass-catching lures you can use all year

There is a mathematical formula for the correct number of fishing lures a fisherman needs. It’s n+1, where n is ever how many lures you have right now.

The formula is still a theory being evaluated by engineers and scientists. But there are a handful of lures that are incredibly utilitarian all year and worth keeping a healthy stock of. They catch bass and other select species in cold water and warm, in shallow water and deep, and are versatile in all kinds of water conditions.

1.  Buzz and Spinner Baits

Undoubtedly skirted jigs in styles like the RS Buzz and Atlas Spinnerbait are solid choices in just about any climate at any time. So long as the water isn’t ice or boiling, they catch bass. And they work in water that’s 2 feet deep or 40.

Use them along rocks and debris in the winter, or attach a series of Jerky J Swims to an umbrella rig (or Alabama rig as they’re sometimes called) in the winter to emulate a dying shad. 

2.  Crankbaits

Change your crankbaits with the season and you’ll increase the odds of landing trophy fish. Use slimmer crankbaits like the XRM 120 in cooler months and use chunky, fat crankbaits with a big wobble in the warmer months. The Cowboy is a good choice, as is the Cowboy Mini Crankbait

Use squarebill crankbaits when you need to deflect heavy debris, like what’s on the RS Squarebill. The downward-facing slope of the bill lets it move through the water without getting hung up on weeds or grass.

3.  Jerkbaits

Jerkbaits are more than capable of catching monster bass in warm water. Typically fisherman think of them as cold water lures, but that’s a myth. Fishermen who have cooler water more months of the year than not have been throwing jerkbaits with great success for years.

Just rip or twitch them through areas with generous flats and rip it fast. The faster the better, like with the Xtreme Rip Pencil.

4.  Swimbaits

The trick to swimbaits is making sure you swim the right size with the right color. You’ll catch more bass when the swimbaits you’re fishing match the size of their natural prey. 

Jerky J + Scrounger Bundle

You can use an umbrella rig like the Walker Rig to emulate two dying shads in the winter. Or, pair them with a Kitana Stagger Scrounger Jighead in the summer and rip them through open water. The Jerky Js are our most popular combination with the Kitana Stagger Scrounger.

Just be sure to use swimbaits that are brightly colored in muddy water and don’t be afraid to switch through colors to see what the fish are noticing.

5.  Lipless crankbaits

Similar to the crankbaits with bills, lipless ones like the Backstabber Lipless Stabber series work well in shallow and deep water. The Backstabber’s unique hook placement on both the belly and the back double your chances for a successful hook set.

Use red craw style baits in the spring because they match the color of the crawfish bass are feeding on.