Angler-Tested Rigs from Castaic and Reaction Strike

The term “fishing rig” describes the combination of hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures and baits that you attach to the end of your fishing line. Standard rigs are typically used for still fishing, while most specialty rigs are designed for casting and come with multiple hooks. 

There are specialty rigs that work better for certain species- like bass, walleye or crappie. Some castable rigs are durable enough for saltwater habitats, while others are intended to be fished in freshwater environments like lakes, ponds and streams.   

When fished with the right technique, specialty rigs from Castaic and Reaction Strike will put more monster fish in your live well all year long! 

Best Castaic Freshwater Specialty Rigs 

These castable specialty rigs from Castaic are must-have items in any serious freshwater angler’s tackle box: 

Jerky J Umbrella Rig 

The Jerky J Umbrella Rig is designed to attract opportunistic predators like schooling bass that are chasing schools of minnows offshore. Simply clip on a few Castaic Jerky J Swims or RS Fathead Jrs., cast out your schooling rig and count it down to the correct depth. But don’t be surprised if you catch multiple bass on only one cast!

Double Trouble Rig

As an effective alternative to umbrella rigs, the Double Trouble combines the flash and wobble of a bladed lure with a natural shad body shape. When fishing for walleye and bass, simply cast out the rig, count off a few seconds and then start your retrieve. Try twitching and pausing the lure to trigger violent strikes or varying your retrieve speed based on the conditions.  

Charlie Walker Umbrella Rig

The innovative design of the Charlie Walker Rig allows you to catch multiple prey at once while fishing it in open water, weed cover, over stumps, on the bottom or even through brush piles. Available in bladed or crappie models, simply clip multiple Jerky J Swims or Fathead Jrs. onto this unique “walking” umbrella rig and prepare for some action! 

How to Customize a Specialty Rig 

You can really get creative by customizing your own specialty rigs. Here are a couple that professional anglers use to land trophy worthy fish: 

Neko Rig

To make a Neko Rig you’ll need a nail weight, O-ring, razor-sharp Kitana Neko Hook and straight tailed plastic lure. This set up works well when you’re trying to catch stressed bass by presenting the plastic worm in a stand-up orientation that mimics forage feeding on the bottom. 

Ned Rig

Also called a “Midwest finesse rig”, a Ned Rig presents a small profile and subtle action that’s perfect while fishing in pressured waters or tough conditions. You can use a Ned Rig to mimic any number of foraging species by simply threading a small chunk of soft plastic stick bait onto a lightweight jighead (1/16 to 1/4 oz.). 

When fishing in saltwater create a Ned Rig by pairing a RS Flats Lok Jighead with a soft plastic bait like the RS Mulletor Jerk. When freshwater angling for species like walleye and bass a good Ned Rig is the Kitana Stagger Scroungerjighead paired with a soft stickbait. 

Fishing for Bass with Castable Umbrella Rigs 

Similar-to fishing with a single soft swimbait (think: Castaic Catch22 or Boot Tail), you’ll put more monster bass in your boat when using these castable umbrella rig tips: 

  1. Experiment with bait size and shape depending upon the day.
  2. Fish shallower or deeper based on water temperature. For example, allow the rig to fall deeper before the retrieve when the water is cold. 
  3. Use a “stutter step” retrieval on days when the bass are less active. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to fish your umbrella rig near cover where the big bass are- especially the Charlie Walker Rig.  

Vary your roll throughout the year. When the water is warm and bass more active, speed up the retrieve. During cooler months wind your rig just fast enough to keep it off the bottom, which will allow it to creep in and out of the strike zone of lethargic bass.