Find Your State’s 2020 Free Fishing Day and Fishing Season Dates

Free Fishing Weekend

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or someone just looking for an excuse to bust out your old fishing rod in your garage or barn, we thought gathering each state’s free fishing days for 2020 would encourage you to take a pal or loved one along to enjoy one of nature’s great gifts. Below, you’ll find the Free Fishing Day(s) for each state, followed by links to seasonal info on which fish you’re able to fish by each windowed date.

While we have you, might we interest you in a set of new hooks? Or a new rig? Just a couple suggestions that would be worth breaking if you plan on getting an early start to the season, or, they’d also make a great gift for any friend or first-timer. If you’re in the market for other new gear, browse here. With that said, feel free to dig into the dates below and get your trip marked on your 2020 calendar.

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