Electrical Tape for Your Reel … What The …


Castaic Pro Staff share their inside tips, tricks, and advice.

Through the years, I have learned many different ways to spool a reel. This is by far the easiest and simplest way of spooling a reel. It works with braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament line and eliminates the need for backer line when using braided line.

Here is a step by step process:

For Baitcasting reels

Step 1

Get some electrical tape and cut about a 3” piece. Don’t pull it until it breaks, cut it to make a neat edge.

Step 2

Whichever line you are using, tie it on to your spool with which ever knot you want and tighten it down so your line barely slips

Step 3

Take the 3” piece of electrical tape and place it over the line on the opposite side of the knot and begin to slowly reel until the tape is all the way around the spool, covering the knot.

Make sure that you hold the tape down while reeling and that the piece of electrical tape is long enough to wrap over itself and reel until you have your desired amount of line.

For Spinning reels

Step 1

Again, grab some electrical tape and cut about a 4” piece and then cut it again length wise about ¾ of the width of the tape.

Steps 2 and 3 are the same as a baitcasting reel. Even with a spool for braided line, I still use this method.

When you need to swap out your line, all you do is de-spool like normal, the tape will pull up as you de-spool and you can peel it off. Have a set of needle nose pliers or forceps close by to grab onto the tape if you can’t get your fingers close. It will leave a slight residue on your spool but a simple cleaner will take it off. I don’t bother cleaning off the residue because I will be respooling with tape right away.