The Original Castaic Hard Head Series

Hard Head Originals by Castaic

So realistic, you might be inclined to mount it above your couch.

The Hard Head gets its name from its plastic, hard head and its soft body. They dive like a crank bait, swim like a fish, and look so realistic trolling or casting you can fish them fast or slow.

Still available in 5 great styles

Hard Head Baby Sunfish
Baby Sunfish
Hard Head Original - Threadfin Shad Blue
Threadfin Shad Blue
Baby Crappie Hard Head
Threadfin Shad Green Hard Head
Threadfin Shad Green
Hard Head Sunfish

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The replacement heads and tails mean even after the most vicious reaction strikes, you can replace what you need and keep what you have.

These are one of the reasons Castaic is the original swimbait company.

My fishing buddy said I wouldn’t catch anything on it, in these little lakes in southeastern Ohio. As we started fishing that day he was using a plastic worm. He started off by catching three or four small bass but after I figured out what kind of retrieve the bass were wanting I caught a bass that out weighed all of his.

— Brian, Ohio, USA