CBT Finesse Worms 5″


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Introducing a Ned Rig style bait that is made of extremely durable, super stretchy soft plastic, allowing you to catch tons of fish on the same bait without having to swap out your soft plastic. The new design has deep ribs and a small tail which produces amazing action and water movement.

When we say it’s durable, we mean it. The CBT Finesse Worm can withstand donnybrooks brimming with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass.

This bait can zoom around in the water, with unmatched color accuracy and lifelike form. Rig the CBT Finesse Worm with Ned Rig, or in a variety of other ways including wacky style on a small hook. Shakey or finesse jig heads are also great choices.

At 5″ long, this worm provides subtle action. But it drives bass wild anywhere they swim with it’s natural movements and smooth rising-and-falling form.

  • This bait is also very buoyant in the water.
  • When used with the Kitana Ned Rig head, this bait stands up in the water, attracting more bites!
  • This bait works extremely well in colder water temps and when the fish are finicky, wanting a smaller bait!
  • Each package contains 5 worms.
  • This CBT Finesse Worm model is 5 inches long.

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Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Pearl, Watermelon Red


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